Saturday, March 31, 2012

Frayed Ribbon Tips

Ever use ribbon to top a gift or make a hair bow? Did it seem like you couldn't find a sharp enough pair of scissors to make the perfect cut without the after-fray? Been there! You're in someone who makes her own hair bows for her little angel, this was the most important tip I stumbled upon: HEAT SEAL!

After you make the cut quickly run the flame from a lighter to "melt" the frayed edge of the ribbon. You have to be quick though or the ribbon will turn black (or catch fire...uh oh)from being roasted too long...we aren't cookin' smores, we're just warming it up enough to create a seal. My husband is a fireman...he'd be upset if he got called to a "ribbon fire" so please be safe when attempting this! ;-)

Happy Kraftin!
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  1. That is really cool. I would love to make those.

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  2. Hmmm...never knew this, interesting post!! I don't really work with ribbon a lot except for wrapping gifts and such, but this is interesting!!

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    Happy Thursday!! :0)

  3. Wow.Those bows are cutieeeeeee cute!Ur blog is a real visual treat for my eyes and me. Everything is pretty! Following u:)Found u through blog hop.Check out mine and hope u show love back:)