Thursday, May 31, 2012

Baby Shower Tips and Decorations!!

Once again, I feel so lame not posting in a while. T-minus 1 full day, 3 half days, and 1 teacher work day until summer vacation! The end of the year is always a mess! Everyone scrambling to get everything done before next school year. You know what the faculty (including myself) reminds me of?  Well, when was a kid I'd love to touch earthworms on the sidewalk just to watch them flip and flop and go nuts. I feel like every teacher is an earthworm that has been touched by a giant finger and we are all flip-flopping like crazy. But after the 5 day count, we can nuzzle in our cozy dirt spots safe and sound once again...aka...the beach, or the pool!

So when trying to figure out what to write about, I decided to share a few pictures of a baby shower my friend Amanda and I put on for one of our dearest friends, Tina. Her precious little Gracie was just born a few weeks ago, and already is growing like a weed! It's amazing how fast they change in such a short period of time. My little one is already 6 months and it seems like just yesterday we were in the hospital awaiting for her big debut.

To greet the guests of honor, I had one of my infamous tutu wreaths hanging on the door. Nothing sets the mood of the party like the perfect wreath. The color theme of Gracie's nursery is lavender and pale green so we incorporated the same color palette into our decorations.

Upon entering the doorway, the guests could marvel at the candy bar. I think these are a great idea for parties. It is an easy party favor and the whole table display can be a part of the room decor. Not to mention everyone loves sweets!!! We had cake pops, chocolate dipped pretzels, m&ms, gummies in the martini glasses, runts, sprees, jelly beans, kisses...a huge variety for any taste buds!  One of the centerpieces for this table I made, was the diaper bike. (I will include a close up of one later)

Here is a close up of the centerpiece from the candy bar. The diaper bike includes animal friend, 34 diapers, pair of socks, 2 bibs, 2 receiving blankets, flower hair clip, plastic connecting ring, and various pins, ribbons, and rubber bands. I think these are such a cute and functional idea! No glue is needed in order to keep all items usable for baby.

Next we have the living room and area where most of the games, conversations, and most importantly PRESENT OPENING took place. We have built in shelves and did not want our own family pictures to be on display at someone else's shower, so we covered them up with some beautiful drapes Tina's mother in law put together.

The painting above the fireplace is now hanging above the crib in Gracie's nursery. I am so glad my artwork is a part of the family's room decor. :)  Personalized nursery artwork is a must have these days!

The picture frames on the mantle were also hand made (and super easy). The wooden frames were a dollar at Michael's craft store, and I backed it with scrapbook paper. I painted each wooden letter purple and adorned each frame with something a little different (key, buttons, ribbon, etc).

Out on one of the tables I made a onsie flower bouquet centerpiece in a real flower pot. (Got this idea off of pinterest!). I filled the inside of the pot with Styrofoam. Then rolled each onsie up to look like a flower and secured it with a rubber band. (I was stretched for time and forgot to cover one of the rubber bands...don't laugh.) I painted little dowel rods green and attached felt leaves to each stem. The bottom of each rolled onsie had a little slot to push the dowels into so that no glue was needed. Once again, we wanted the gift to be completely usable. A great and inexpensive way to add height to your centerpieces is wrap empty diaper boxes with pretty paper and ribbon.

I got this next idea from Pinterest as well. Green sherbet and 7up makes the perfect punch (and it went along with the color theme). Rubber duckies in the bowl were just too cute to say no to!

Hope you enjoyed the pics and tips!

Happy Kraftin!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lego Head Baby Food Jars

This post will be a quickie....but did you ever wonder what to do with your baby food jars? We are hard core recyclers in our home, so I always try to think of how to re-use regular items. After some thought, I came up with these:

LEGO Heads!

Now of course, if I had boys, these would be a hit! But I don't (yet). Instead I am going to bring these into my classroom and either put them in my treasure box, or use them as a place to put paper clips, tacks, rubber bands or other office supplies. If I had more time, I would have put some different felt patterns on the lids to represent hair. Maybe over the summer I will experiment.

They are so simple to make. Just a coat or two of yellow acrylic paint and any facial expression of your choice! You can paint it on, or better yet, use a Sharpie!

Happy Kraftin!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Little Twin Sisters' 12th Birthday

I feel like I haven't posted in forever! My sincerest apologies! The school year is winding down, and not only are the students getting crazy for summer, so are we (the teachers). Everyone is frantically tying up the school year in our remaining few weeks.

Last Friday, May 4th, my little identical twin sisters, known as B & B in our house, turned 12!! I can't believe it! One year shy of being a teenager! What is my mother going to do with herself? I can remember when I was still in high school, they were born. Time does fly....I can see that now with my own little girl. I don't even want to think of the day when she turns 12. (...sniffle....)

Here is what I made each of them to hang in their rooms (It matches their bedding colors):

For Brianna Banana

Ribbon for hanging

For Brookey Loo

Ribbon for hanging

Happy 12th birthday girls! Glad I got to spend it with you! Love you both so much!

Happy Kraftin!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ribbon Wreaths

If you saw one of my previous posts on the tutu wreaths, you'd know I am a little obsessed with making wreaths. Although they are very time consuming to make, they are also therapeutic for me. I get in what you might call "the crafting zone."  Wreaths are the best "mood-setters" to any party or get together. They are the first thing people see when they arrive. Here are a few of my latest creations for a couple of themed parties.

This one I made for a University of Florida themed party (as a UF alumni, I REALLY enjoyed making this one!):

This one was designed for a circus themed birthday party:

Happy Kraftin!