Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Newtown, CT Fundraiser and Donations

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful time relaxing with family, friends, and loved ones. I know my family and I certainly have so much to be thankful for this year! We are feeling the love from all around and appreciate all that God has given to us throughout the year. From the success of opening my new business, to watching our precious miracle daughter turn one, and being reunited with our family from across the country...we continue to count our blessings as they come! Appreciation and gratitude are the "words on the street" as they'd say on my daughter's favorite TV show (Sesame Street).

After hearing about the devastation from Newtown, CT I can't even imagine the kind of Christmas those families are having. My condolences are sent through prayer everyday. It's tragic enough that it even happened at all, let alone days before Christmas. My heart just aches and my mind has been scrambling for what I can do to help, and I know many of you have probably been experiencing similar thoughts. Nothing will heal their broken hearts right now. I can only imagine how many resources it will take to rebuild the hope in that community. What I have decided to do for this week, is donate 100% of Unique & Chic Creation's profits to the families affected by the Sandy Hook massacre. Every little bit can help.

If any of you have had your eye on items from Unique & Chic Creations, now's the perfect time to make your selections. Your generosity will supplement the costs needed to rebuild that community. Here are just a few things my shop has to offer.

Acrylic Monarch Butterfly with Multi-Sized Canvases (ON SALE)
Acrylic Painting with Warm Colors

Tulle Tutu Wreath with Initial

Diaper Bikes and Motorcycles for Baby Showers
Personalized Modern Subway Art Birth Announcement
Tulle Tutu Wreath with Initial
Family Painting in colors of your choice
Hand Painted and Personalized Nursery Letters
However, if you are not interested in purchasing a product from Unique & Chic Creations, but would still like to donate, I have selected two agencies to include in this post where you can do this. The United Way of Western Connecticut in partnership with Newtown Savings Bank has created the 'Sandy Hook School Support Fund' that will be able to provide support services to the families and community that has been affected. Below is a direct link to make donations in any dollar amount of your choice. You can make the donation online or there is a physical address to send a check. Follow this link to make an online donation:

Sandy Hook School Support Fund
c/o Newtown Savings Bank
39 Main Street, Newtown CT 06470

The other agency is called Newtown Youth and Family Services. They receive their funding for their programs by The United Way of Western Connecticut, which is the agency that I included above. Either way, these families will benefit from your assistance. This is a direct link to donate with PayPal, as well as a physical address to mail donations.
Newtown Youth & Family Services
15 Berkshire Rd.
Sandy Hook, CT 06482
So, as I sit and reflect about all of the blessings I have been given this year, I have come to the realization that I can help make an impact in some way....it may not be much, but with your help, we can do something great for our neighbors to the north. MANY HANDS MAKE LIGHT WORK! Thanks for your consideration. If you are interested in making a purchase from Unique & Chic Creations, please head here www.kraftinmommy.etsy.com or send me an email here uniqueandchic.creations@gmail.com and I'd be glad to work with you! Thanks!
Happy Kraftin!


  1. This is a truly amazing idea. It's gestures like this that keep spirits high in dire situations. I'll be checking out your Etsy shop. I've been looking for a reason to buy one of your wreaths for a while :)

  2. That painting is gorgeous. What a wonderful way to support the families of Newtown.