Tuesday, February 5, 2013

10 Days, $10, 1 Baby

I have been following a story from one of my favorite bloggers, Christie from Satisfaction Through Christ, and I have been so touched by her efforts, that I wanted to share it with you. I had always heard that adoption was expensive, but I didn't realize HOW much families are required to come up with.  Christie's strength and faith in this process is very inspiring and uplifting! One of my favorite quotes is, "many hands make light work." and this case, it is certainly true. I have included one of her posts below for you to learn a little more about the fundraiser that is taking place:

Friends, I have been so overwhelmed by the generosity shown towards our family over the last few days.  The response has been amazing and I'm at a loss for words on how to say thank you.  I'm praying that the Lord will give me the proper words at some point.  Words will never be enough, though.

For the full story and to read our adoption announcement post, visit here!

Today has been an emotional day, but I now know {without a doubt} that the Lord has called us specifically to bring this baby girl home.
Last night we had a $10 donation come in from a friend.  I emailed her thanking her for her donation and she quickly expressed sadness at not being able to give more.  I told her that every little bit helps...and it does.

If you're anything like me, all you've seen is $35,000 and thought, "There's no way I can help with that."  

I get it and I know -- it's so much bigger than any one of us but it's not too big for God!

This morning the Lord laid an idea on my heart and I've fought Him all day about presenting it to you, but I know that He hasn't called us to walk this road alone.  So, I'm excited to present our biggest fundraising effort yet....

Operation {Adoption} 10:10:1
10 Days: $10: 1 Baby Girl
Goal = $10,000

Our adoption agency has given us 15 days to raise the initial $10,000 we need.  The remainder will be due in increments until she is born.  But for now, we are praying for 1,000 friends to come alongside of us and donate just $10 each.  

I know $35,000 is overwhelming.  

I know $10,000 is overwhelming.

But $10 is a little less overwhelming.

So, would you commit to partnering with us and would you commit to praying for us?

If so, simply use the PayPal donation widget below (if you don't see the PayPal widget you can donate here, too).

Please leave a comment with your first name.  I'd love to use each of your names in a special project for our little girl; something she can always have to remember how many people helped bring her home.

And, if you're so moved, would you share this post?  On your blog, on social media, through email?  May the LORD be glorified in it all...


  1. I've been following this story too. I'm glad you shared it, it was touching to me also.

    1. Oh I know, what an inspirational family.

  2. Megan,

    Thank you, again, for sharing our story and donating!! We've been so blessed by the response and the amount of support that others have shown towards our family in the last 5 days!

    May the Lord be glorified in our story and our lives.


  3. Donated!! Thanks for sharing, Meg!

    1. That is awesome Ashley! I know Christie and her family certainly appreciate it!

  4. Good luck to your friend! I hope she is able to reach her goal and bring her sweet baby home!

    I do find it a little sad how much the adoption agencies charge. When the agencies caught wind my younger sister was giving her baby up for adoption they pounced all over her. Phone calls all the time, trying to get face to face visits with her. I felt it was a huge money game for them. We sought out a family on our own and bypassed the whole agency. We just didn't feel they should profit off her baby. The couple then only took care of my sisters needs until she had the baby and her medical bills. They came off a lot cheaper than $35K! My nephew is now 6 months old and his new parents are now a permanent part of our family :)

    1. Oh wow, they're like little piranhas waiting for their next meal. That's crazy! I'm glad your sister was able to beat the system and find the right family.